[LootAnime] Open the FUTURE crate!

Posted on April 12, 2017

It's time for yet another LootAnime unboxing! This time, it's the [FUTURE] crate and all it's sci-fi anime goodness! From the previews, it mentioned that series like Psycho-Pass, Ghost in the Shell, and Kizunaiver were all included, which honestly perked my interest.

The crate this month comes in the shape of Yume's (LootAnime's resident mascot) futuristic laptop:

Here's a look at this month's offerings:
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

1. Ghost in the Shell: ARISE T-shirt

I think out of all the items, this is probably the most timely with the new live-action Ghost in the Shell movie debuting this month.

ARISE is sort of like a prequel, detailing the development of what becomes Section 9. Kusanagi is younger, but still sharp as nails. This shirt comes with her silk-screened in black and white on red, ready for action - as usual. Love the militaristic blocky print!

- - -


2. Clockwork Planet Manga Vol. 1 - variant cover

Admittedly, this is the first time I've seen Clockwork Planet, but I am familiar with No Game No Life. It's an interesting premise of a mechanics nerd who has an ear for clockwork gears who meets an automaton girl who becomes his "servant" - but not really?
I have yet to read past their major introduction, but it looks promising? It also looks like the anime is also being aired on Crunchyroll this season.

- - -


3. Psycho-Pass Dominator USB

Psycho-Pass is one of those series I really should watch, but I have hard time getting over the character designs;; I enjoy Gen Urobuchi's writing style and this series seems to have a solid following, so I might give it a go while the new season of anime is starting up. You can catch it here on Crunchyroll!


Included in this month's crate is a 2GB USB drive in the shape of the Dominator gun used in the series. It's a rubber body, but it opens up to reveal the USB port. Pretty clever!

- - -


4. Kizunaiver Mousepad

A few seasons back, Kizunaiver was hyped as TRIGGER's collaborative effort with popular screenwriter, Mari Okada - famous for teen dramas like Ano Hana and KokoSake. It was beautifully styled and an ambitious concept.
Personally, I felt the story had a lot of potential, but fell a little short of my expectation. Playing on the theme of connections and emotions, I was surprised I had little connection to the characters themselves.
Regardless, this mousepad- featuring all the main characters, is a nice addition to my desk!

- - -


5. Yume FUTURE Charm

This month's charm is designed by LootCrate's very own Varinya Nunez. Perhaps a little inspired by Overwatch's D.Va, Yume is ready to pilot her mech and fight for the future!

- - -


6. LootAnime FUTURE Poster

This month's poster is by Lim Wei Lum of Collateral Damage Studios. (I think they also go under the name "Usanekorin"?) It's a cool take on Yume as a the mecha pilot of the future!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

There you have it! Next's month's crate is already lined up and the theme is [HUMANITY].

If that doesn't scream "Attack on Titan", I'm not sure what will. XD It also looks like School-Live and Black Lagoon will also be represented!

Get your order in before April 27th at 9pm PST! Use code: NEMUNEMU for $3 off any order!
Thanks again to the good folks at LootCrate for geneously sending me a crate this month for review!
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