[LootAnime] Open the TOGETHER crate!

Posted on March 27, 2017

We're already nearing the end of March -- my LootAnime crate review is long overdue!


The [TOGETHER] crate, in LootAnime's own words, "celebrates manga and anime characters whith the strong bonds of friendship and family."


Looking at this month's selection - I'd say they were right on point with series like Osomatsu-san, One Piece, and Haikyuu!!. There are less items than in previous boxes, but I think the quality of the items more than makes up for the quantity!

The inner art of the box is a beach house, built over the water with a bridge to land. I guess nothing calls up feeling of togetherness like home, adventure, and teamwork!


1) Haikyuu!! T-shirt
Haikyuu is one of those series where the spirit is so contagious you can't help but feel the tension during their matches, feel the pain of their losses and celebrate alongside their hard fought wins. The recent season just ended on Crunchyroll and was more or less entirely about the rivaly between Karasuno (our heroes) and Shiratorizawa High. The last few episodes were so epic, I still get goosebumps thinking about it.
This crate's shirt features the usual court lineup roster, nicely printed on a soft black shirt. What better way to show team spirit and personal pride? :D


2) Osomatsu-san Blind Charm Bag
Not sure if it's still online, but the original launch episode of Osomatsu-san solidified its seat as one of the most epic and fantastic animated comedy series - ever. Based on Fujio Arakawa's 1962 Osomatsu-kun, this series brings those characters into the modern world as adults... but not really. It's a series that must be seen to be believed.
My box came with a reddish pink bag, which I assumed was Osomatsu - the eldest brother. There's a chance at any of the 6 brothers - each has a color association and some trinket item that appears in the anime. who did I get? The cool bro - Karamatsu.

Catch the rest of the series at Crunchyroll!


3) The Boy and the Beast Light Novel
The Boy & the Beast came out back in 2015, written and directed by Mamoru Hosoda. It's a fantastic tale of an orphaned child who crosses over into the land of beasts by accident and makes a place for himself there alongside Kumatetsu, a powerful beast who's vying for the lordship.
Sound interesting? Well, if books are your thing, they've released it as a light novel adaptation. As far as I can tell, it's written by the director himself, Mamoru Hosoda.


4) One Piece Film: GOLD Luffy Figure
I don't think this needs any introduction -- included in this box - and probably the first thing -anyone- would notice, is this Luffy figure. But really guys - this thing is big. It's part of the "craneking" line, which is usually reserved for UFO catcher machines.


Luffy is in the costume he first appears in the movie - complete with helmet, sumo yokozuna mawashi belt, and axe. Pretty impressive!


5) Yume [TOGETHER] Charm
This month's charm is by Michelle Mauk, an artist and designer in toys, games, books, and more! Her rendtion of Yume is super cute in her pirate outfit with kitty.
Check out her online site at MichelleMauk.com!


6) LootAnime [TOGETHER] Poster
This month's poster is by Cotton Tan featuring Pirate Yume and her kitty pal finding treasure on a deserted island - TOGETHER. ★
See more of his fantastic art on ArtStation.

- - - - -


Next crate's theme is [FUTURE], featuring series like Ghost in the Shell ARISE (basically the prequel to Stand Alone Complex and the like), Psycho-Pass, Kizunaiver, and Clockwork Planet. Orders closer on March 27th at 9pm PST, so get cracking! Time waits for no one!

Use my link to get there and plug in code: NEMUNEMU at checkout for $3 off whatever your order may be!

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