Is it time for nemu*nemu to return?

Posted on March 13, 2017

April 1st is the 11th anniversary of nemu*nemu and I'd like to ask your help to bring this comic back!
My Patreon has been going strong for the past couple years and it helps cover the events I've been pulling out of due to health issues and reorganization of the business. This is still a one-man job -- Scott has his day job, but he assists when he can.
My first goal is to reach $550/month to reinstate the comic. I'll be starting out slow with one-off type Sunday-type comics featuring the pups. As patronage grows, so will the updates. So I ask for your help to get the pups back in the spotlight. :D
Much thanks for your support~! ♥
P.S. - Even if you can't afford to support me via Patreon, I totally appreciate your sharing my work online -and- offline! ♥
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