[LootAnime] Open the DIMENSION crate!

Posted on February 1, 2017


Cityscape on one side!

The [DIMENSION] crate has arrived, packing hard-hitting popular series like RE: Zero, Sword Art Online, and No Game No Life.

This crate's box is decorated with two scenes - one side the modern day city, the other a mystical, fantastic town of the flipped dimension. Not as exciting as previous crates, but a nifty design nonetheless!

Let's take a look at this month's contents!


LootAnime - Dimension crate

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Rem & Ram -- who do you choose?

1. RE: Zero Rem & Ram Picture Frame
Rem and Ram, the twin servants of Roswaal L Mathers are probably some of the most popular characters of Re: Zero, though you'd have to watch or read the series to understand the hype. (And I highly recommend that you do -- AND if you want a cuter parody version, Crunchyroll also posted the animated shorts where these Rem & Ram designs come from! ♥ )
If choosing between the two as actually a problem, this handy-dandy acrylic photo frame can be viewed both ways. Simply sandwich your favorite waifu or husbando between the plates and - voila! A photo frame for whatever your mood may be.

- -


Chibi Kirito socks!

2. Sword Art Online Socks - Kirito Version
This was an interesting find. Character socks of the difference moods of chibi Kirito from the Aincrad arc. They seem to be one-size fits most -- longer for folks with shorter feet, shorter for folks with longer feet.
Or if you're so enterprising - you can probably convert these socks into wrist/arm bands or even a cute sock for your phone!

- -


3. No Game No Life T-shirt
This month's shirt prominently features Jibril from No Game No Life. Think of her as less an guardian angel, but more a librarian of knowledge. The series is pretty clever - utilizing games as challenges, rather than fights, to help the main characters advance in this other dimensional plot.

It's a nicely designed shirt - quite colorful and rather comfy with a nice amount of stretch!

- -


4. Sword Art Online II - Asuna Figure
This little figure is from the Chibi Kyun Sword Art Online -Mother's Rosario- line. It was originally a part of a prize figure campaign, along side 5 of other heroines. Our crates only come with Asuna in her Undine ALO avatar -- which is totally cute enough!


The original full prize set

The Mother's Rosario arc, which is the second half of the second season of Sword Art Online, is one of my favorite stories, chronicallying Asuna's relationship with Yuuki and the Sleeping Knights guild.

- -


5. Log Horizon Light Novel
Log Horizon is one of those shows that sort of flew under my radar - as I was a little hesitant to watch yet -another- stuck-in-a-MMORPG-centric story, but the story certainly grew on me. Learning how to adapt to life in a new dimension can be pretty daunting, but having a master strategist on your side can probably make the transition much more smooth!
I'm quite happy this is the first light novel to arrive in a LootCrate box! It's an interesting compact book size - a little longer than most paperbacks, but shorter in width than most manga. Comes complete with color illo in the front and b/w illustrations thruout the book.

- -


6. Yume Dimension Charm
This month's charm is designed by Ashley Swaby, also known as StarExorcist. I'm really quite fond of her starry-eyed chibi gals and her version of Dimension Yume is super cute!

- -


7. LootAnime - Dimension poster
The art this month is by artist, Madeline Rosca! Most may be familiar with her published comic, Hollow Fields, but did you know she's also working on a webcomic - Rise from the Ashes? Find all her work at her website!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

And there you have it - the [DIMENSION] crate! Did any of items this month stand out to you? I'm pretty pleased with with month's line up~ All the series are definitely worth a watch and the items are pretty cute!


Next month's theme is [TOGETHER] -- with series like One Piece, Haikyu!, Osomatsu-san, and the Boy & the Beast, I think "teamwork" will play a big part in this set!

Jump in before February 27th at 9pm to reserve your box! Use my link to get there AND save $3 off your order (be it one crate or a whole subscription of them!) with code: NEMUNEMU

Thanks again to Lootcrate for providing this amazing box for review! Until next time!

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