[LootAnime] Open the BACK TO SCHOOL crate

Posted on September 12, 2016


I am back with another review of LootAnime's latest box, appropriately named - BACK TO SCHOOL. Much thanks again to Lootcrate for sending me these boxes for review!

When I saw the news tricking out for this crate, I have to admit, I was pretty excited. Persona and Danganronpa are my top 2 series franchises right now and both of them were listed as part of the box set this round.


First off - this is the first box that didn't come with a t-shirt, (As far as I can recall?) which was a surprise. The box arrived jam-packed with goodies, so I can't say I totally missed it, but I had assumed that most crates came with a t-shirt.

Second! This is the first box made to be fashioned into a desk. Partly due to the construction - you pop preferated pieces out- the box also arrived a little damaged. so, I just flipped it inside out for this review, like all my other boxes.

Assassination Classroom Whiteboard -


This is a little, heavy-duty dry-erase magnet board featuring Koro-sensei's many faces as magnets and a dry erase pen w/ eraser cap. Super handy for little notes, although the board is a little dark to write directly on? Maybe you'll decorate Sensei's face according to your own mood. :3

Fruits Basket Figure Keychain Set -


Talk about a blast from the past! I bet many who got into anime in the early 2000's were huge fans of this series. The "set", albeit not complete, come with Tohru (riceball), Kyo (cat), Yuki (mouse), and Hatsuharu (cow). Yen Press recently started releasing collector's editions of the manga series and they are beautifully remastered, in a larger format. If you haven't read it, now's the perfect time to do so!

Persona 3 Manga Volume 1 (Exclusive cover)


Persona is one of my favorite game franchises of all time. I started with Persona 2: Eternal Punishment (and boy, was that dungeon grinding fitting for the title...). The series has branched out over the years with Persona 5 on its way later this month in Japan and February next year in the States.
Persona 3 follows the adventures of a group of highschool students gifted with the ability to evoke their Persona to battle monsters, called Shadows, that appear during the Dark Hour.
This volume, as printed by Udon Entertainment is the very beginning of that story, with an exclusive cover, and ahead of the October release date! Don't have time to play the game? This is the perfect way to get started.

Revolutionary Girl Utena Bento Box -


Another blast from the past! Many fans of Sailor Moon also fell in love with this tale of a schoolgirl aiming to become a prince.


The box features all the main cast and beneath are 2-tier containers, complete with obi band and chopsticks. You can have yourself a fashionable bento box lunch!

Digimon Adventure tri-print set -


While Pokemon seems to have taken the cake in the West, Digimon is not far behind with its own legion of fans. It's been 15 years since its debut and Digimon Adventure tri, which is currently airing on Crunchyroll, is getting a theatrical release this month.


These three prints are on a canvas-like cardstock, by Akiyoshi Hongo of Toei Animation.
I personally never caught the original series, but I think it's high-time I did.

Danganronpa Cosplay Tie -


I think this was the item I was most looking forward to in the box - I had no idea what it was, but I'm such a fan of Danganronpa, I figured I'd be OK with anything.
Did I expect to get a cosplay replica of Junko Enoshima's tie? No...? But I'm surprised how well-made it is. It's actually a polyester white tie, made to be worn as a tie.


I'm curious if this means more Junko Enoshima cosplay will occur to help fill the world with delicious despair... Perhaps this was all a part of the plan all along.

Back to School Phone Charm -


After a few month of all-metal charms, we're back to printed metal with an enamel coating. This month, fitting in with the Back to School theme, is a spiral notebook with a few stickers/drawings, a pencil and the lootcrate logo. Cute!

Poster -


This month's poster features artist, Christina K. Yang, version of the mascot characters all back at school. This is also the first time we're introduced to the main mascot, Yume. She's a 1st year student, president of her Anime Club, and loves cats.

Interestingly enough, I can't seem to find Christina's website, so unless there's another name she goes by, this is all I can share with you. It's a nice scene - and it seems to introduce more mascot characters into the mix!

* * *

Wrapping things up, I've long felt these lootcrates were perfect students who have a little space around their study area/dorm and this box is no exception! Lots of handy-dandy goods that are cute and in this case, usable! A magnet message board, a bento box, a few charms for your bag and a manga to read - I think you're ready to face that new year of school!

Want a crate of your own? Next month's theme is [DEMI-HUMAN] so if you're a fan of series like One-Punch Man, Twin Star Exorcists, Tokyo Ghoul and Bleach, you're in for a treat!


Use code: NEMUNEMU for $3 your order, be it one box or a whole subscription! Be sure to use my link to get there!

Here's one handy-dandy place to find all my photo reviews on the LootAnime crates that have arrived on my doorstep thus far!

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